The world we live in is on the brink of a catastrophic descent into mire that we have created in only the last few decades. The large scale use of non-biodegradable material – mostly plastic – in our everyday lives, has burdened the ecosystem with tones of toxic waste that will remain on the planet for many years to come. This waste will not vanish, it might shift places, take various forms, but will persist in its existence, already having made its way into our food chain and polluted our natural resources. What we have to realize is that Earth for now is the only planet that supports life, and it is this very home we need to save and protect and handover to our children. And a better planet for our children is not a gift we give them, it is their right to inherit a beautiful home – MOTHER EARTH! The first move towards addressing this problem would be to start reducing the creation of new non-biodegradable waste. And ECOPLATES are a big step in this direction. Ecoplates are 100% Bio-degradable, natural, eco-friendly and convenient products manufactured in a bio-ethical process.

No trees are cut in the manufacture of Ecoplates, as these plates are made from the fallen leaves of Areca Palm trees. These leaves are sourced from farms, where the farmers are paid well above the industry standards to ensure fair trade. The leaves otherwise go waste, so our products provide an additional source of income to the farmer.

We manufacture Ecoplates in different sizes to serve the various needs of Tableware, which could be for Events, Restaurants, Festivals or Parties. Also, some of these Plate types come in different sizes, making them even more convenient. We believe that these plates have a big role to play in a world that is gravitating towards a realigned approach to the problem of Environmental Pollution. Our aim is to take these fabulous products to a larger consumer base and put them to greater use.


Ecoplates are manufactured in a well-equipped and well-maintained manufacturing setup in India, spread across 700 . The facility employs 15 people, mostly women. With designated areas for the various operations involved in the manufacturing, the facility is able to produce Ecoplates at its maximum capacity of 10,000 plates/day. The facility has a designated raw material storage area, which helps in ensuring a continuous production line. A well-organized washing and drying area, ensures that the raw material is correctly prepared for the important phase of manufacture. Customized heat press machines, with elaborate controls ensure optimum manufacturing conditions to produce strong plates. The facility also has other special machines to ensure the final finishing, packing and handling of the products till they are finally dispatched to the markets.